Why StudentSide?

Students have vastly different experiences at the same school simply based on their academic and social interests. When trying to decide where to apply, it can be really hard to figure out your personal fit. You can tour the campus, research online, or talk to a tour guide, but nothing comes close from learning about the school directly from a student that goes there. In order to truly understand how it feels to attend a certain college, it's critical to gain that real insight from a real student.

StudentSide enables this interaction. For the first time ever, high school students planning on applying to college can learn about the social aspect of their favorite schools, whether it's the social scene, activities, classes, or even essay advice. StudentSide helps makes this process easier, more affordable, and help you get these answers and more from a college student who has a similar background and set of interests as you

The most typical form of college search is a tour, which, depending on where you live and the location of the college, can be cost-prohibitive. However, because of the importance of picking a good college and the limited resources as to what colleges are like, many families feel forced to pay these fees to tour schools they aren't even sure they will like. Using StudentSide, fees like these can be avoided by determining if a visit is even worth it or not in the first place. StudentSide could end up saving a family thousands.