About Us

How It Started

After having realized that the college process is unnecessarily tedious and unclear, Nick, Simar, and Dan decided to start StudentSide. The goal was to eliminate the bias in the college search process and to give students an authentic and transparent perspective on colleges before applying. StudentSide became a platform for high school students to chat with current college students through 30-min, one-on-one video chats. Within a few short months, they gained a following of over 1000 college students across 100+ schools in the country. To this day, Dan, Nick, and Simar have developed StudentSide through video chats themselves, having never set foot in the same room at the same time.

Our Future Goals

We want to be a fundamental part of every student's college search process. At StudentSide, we believe every student should be able to make a well informed decision about their future. As we rapidly grow, our mission is to provide authentic and transparent perspectives to students around the country as they prepare for the next step in their lives. 

Meet The Co-Founders


Dan Hepworth

Simar Kohli


Nick Dahlborg

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Duke '21

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Cornell '22


Duke '23

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Want to learn more?

Check out our OnePager for a copy of our Deck and a description of the amazing founding team!

You can also contact us at thestudentside@gmail.com or (617)-230-3931